Avarcas have to be one of my favorite style of sandals. They are comfortable, stylish and available in many colors for the whole family. Can I also say they are extremely universal since you can basically wear them with any outfit!?! Avarca is a traditional sandal originally developed in Minorca in the Balearic Islands (Spain). They use to be made completely of leather until they decided to make the soles out of tire rubber. By the 1970s, the sandals had made their way to the rest of Europe and abroad. They are even the Spanish royal family choice of footwear in the summer! I recently purchased a tan pair for Leyla at Carousel NY for $22 using promo code friendsfamily40. Now I just need to get myself a pair as well, just can't decide on what color I want!

Spanish royal family in Avarcas.

Spanish royal family in Avarcas.

Where to buy:

Avarcas USA.

Just Shoes for Kids also carries Avarca style sandals for kids by Pablosky in multiple colors.

Don't forget to pick up a pair for the kiddies and yourself!