Happy 4th of July.

239 years ago we adopted the Declaration of Independence and formed a new nation. As we celebrate today, I like to thank every single man and woman who fought hard for our freedoms that were granted this day many years ago. I hope everyone had a a amazing day with family and friends and wish you all a Happy 4th of July.

To celebrate the holiday, I dressed my daughter in a vintage sailor dress that I found for $10. Sometimes the old is new again and this dress was in perfect condition. I can't tell how old it is but from the stitch on anchor to the thin gold piping surrounding the navy piping, the details are amazing. Even though the sailor dress is iconic in American children's wear, it all began in 1846 England when a portrait of Prince Albert Edward of Wales was commissioned. At the time the Royal Navy was the most powerful Navy in the world and Queen Victoria paid homage by dressing her children in nautical inspired clothing. Since royalty were considered trend setters at the time, the style soon spread across Europe and eventually overseas to America.

Nautical inspired pieces will always be in style and are a classic favorite still among royalty and celebrities. If you have a vintage shop near you, take a look because you might just find some wonderful classic pieces for amazing prices. I would love to see your comments on this dress!

Happy Euro Shopping.