Eve Children Floral Romper.

Well, first of all, I hope everyone had a amazing Father's day! We spent the day grilling and just having fun in the backyard. Just simple low key fun in the company of family.

I wanted to share Leyla's outfit today which is by a company called Eve Children. They are a fairly new company from Spain started by two sisters. I love their traditional designs and simple color palette this summer. I was able to pick up 2 rompers from this collection and sizing runs true to size. Today, Leyla wore a blue floral short romper which I purchased from La Gavet Moda Infantil. La Gavet is based in Spain and offers delivery to the USA. Originally the designed called for the ribbons to be tied over the shoulders, like in the picture below, but they kept falling off Leyla's shoulders. Instead I decided to cross them across her back like a halter. Maybe next time, I will try it on her shoulders again since I really do love the original design.

Here is Leyla wearing the romper which I paired with sandals from Pablosky available at Zappos. Amazing sandals by the way, with great support for little feet!

What do you guys think? This romper along with other Eve Children pieces is also available at MissBaby.com.