Classic Denim Overalls At The Museum.

I finally have time to do my first post of 2016! The holidays were hectic and between work and family gatherings it was tough to squeeze in some alone time. I hope everyone had a amazing holiday season and wishing all my readers a wonderful new year!

Yesterday was my 34th birthday! Where does the time go?? I feel like time is going faster now since I had Leyla. Do you guys feel the same since your kiddos were born? Or is it just me?? Well, I decided to spend the day with Leyla at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. I have not been there since I was a kid, so it was just as new for me as it was for her. Now for all my New Yorkers, if you sign up for the NYCID card, you get one year memberships for free to many of NYC attractions such as zoos, museums and more! So, I highly recommend you check it out. We spent a few hours navigating through the dinosaur hall, human origins and North American mammals section. Downloading the museum app onto my iphone made finding every exhibit in the museum a piece of cake, a must if your decide to visit. Many toddlers might find the museum a bit boring but Leyla had tons of fun and wouldn't stop asking questions about some of the exhibits. I totally recommend visiting the museum whenever you have some downtime.

It was really cold that morning, I believe one of the coldest so far this winter. Definitely not dress weather so I decided to put on Leyla a pair of overalls. I love classic denim overalls for girls and boys. You just can't go wrong with them and definitely a staple piece in any kids closet. Leyla was wearing a pair from Gap that she received this Christmas which I paired with a cute floral blouse from Zara Baby currently on sale for 12.99. I think the floral blouse made the overalls more feminine then just using a tee or sweater. As for her shoes, I wanted her to be comfortable. I recently bought her a pair of boots by Atlanta Mocassin. They are made in Portugal and are excellent quality. They offer good support and she was comfortable enough to wear them for hours. I bought them at Tassel Shoes which is currently running a promotion for 50% off everything using the code sale50! The final touch was a Free Babies hair bow.

Anyone a fan of overalls?

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