Capes For Fall.

With fall around the corner, I was looking at some outerwear for Leyla that would suit the upcoming weather this September and October. From what I see a lot of designers and fashion houses are bringing in your classic cape. Capes are said to date back to medieval Europe and have been in and out of fashion ever since. The are available in different styles with or without hoods and a array of materials. Not only do they look cute but they are pretty warm for a chilly day. You might even be able to do a mommy and me look if you can find a matching pair! Well here are a few that I like so far. 

Love this one with it's matching beret by Rochy, my pick for Leyla this fall.

Reversible cape by Nueces Kids available at La Gavet Moda Infantil.

Jose Varon cape from Brit Pop collection.


Love this bright red one by Sarah Louise.

The plaid print on these Mayoral capes are fun.

Love the gold buttons on this pink chic cape by Douuod:

So which one is your favorite?