YouTube Obsessed.

They very first day I let Leyla use a Ipad little did I know I would create a YouTube addict. My intentions were educational but that changed very quickly when she learned how to use the YouTube kids app. It started off slowly with her watching videos on play doh and those crazy chocolate kinder eggs that I loved when I was a kid. Now every time she watches a video, she always says "Can I have this?". She repeats that same sentence about 50 times a day literally and it drives me nuts! I seriously created a little monster who wants every toy out there. So I take the Ipad away in hopes that she will play with her toys. Yea ok, for 30 minutes and there she goes asking for the Ipad again. You read all these articles on how technology like Ipads are taking away sensory from kids. Kids no longer play the way we did when were kids. They want their Ipads, Iphones, xbox, playstations you name it but is it their fault? I mean they are surrounded by this technology all day, even my friend who is a public school teacher in NYC mentioned that they are using Ipads in the classrooms. However, I do believe in limitations and as a parent it's up to me to teach Leyla that she can use her Ipad once in awhile. Now I have to undo the mess I created LOL. Wish me luck guys!

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Leyla is wearing a vintage gem I found on Instagram. What is great about Instagram is all the second hand and vintage shops on it. You can find some pretty interesting pieces. This dress is handmade with a silky material which is very lightweight. Her coral shoes are by Zara Baby. Anyways here are some pictures!