Tartaleta Moda Infantil

Leyla's dress today is by a children's wear brand in Spain called Tartaleta. Tartaleta was founded in 1998 with the idea of making classic pieces with modern touches to keep up with the latest trends. It is the first piece I have purchased by Tartaleta from their current S/S 2015 collection and it's very well made. The dress consists of classic blue toile print on a pale yellow backdrop. The straps and tie waist are blue and white stripes which contrast very well against the toile print. The dress is also lined to add some volume. Compared to other European brands it runs true to size and even though Leyla wears a size 3, a size 2 would have been suffice for that cute short look that is popular in Europe. This dress was purchased from La Gavet Moda Infantil based in Spain. I have been purchasing from them for quite some time and shipping is always fairly priced to USA ( about 3 dresses for 12 euros). They are currently having summer sales and A/W collections are starting to arrive! Marian, the owner, is very attentive and quick to reply whether it be on Facebook or Instagram. Don't hesitate to get in touch with her if you see something you like! Currrently, this dress is sold out but she does have a few pieces left from Tartaleta.

La Gavet Moda Infantil Facebook & Instagram.