Her First No.

The other day my daughter saw a You Tube video for a Baby Alive doll. I didn't think much of it but she starting asking for one the entire day. So we went to Target to pick up some stuff and I went into the doll aisle and saw the Baby Alive doll she wanted. They were all placed on a shelf that was marked 24.99 but when my husband looked carefully, it was actually $50. I am not much of a believer of randomly getting (besides occasions) a expensive toy that she will toss shortly after. So we told her no and that maybe Lucy (her elf) will bring it to her for Xmas. That didn't sit to well and she started crying. It was hard saying no to her and seeing those tears run down her face. It brought back memories of my childhood. I remember when my dad would tell me no, it felt like the end of the world! But now I know what it might have felt like for my Dad to say no to me and 25 years later I finally agree with his no. LOL. Well, Leyla eventually got over it once she saw they had My Little Pony bling bags for 2.99. Woohoo! Does anyone remember the first time they said no to their kids? How did it go?

Before her world collapsed, haha, she was wearing a dress by Pale Cloud, a luxury brand based in Norway. Their simple designs are well made with heavy use of earth tone colors. Her dress in particular is called Desiree and it is from S/S 2014. It runs a bit on the bigger side since Leyla was able to fit into a size 2T. I found one shop that currently still has it available. You can get it here. Her shoes are by Manuela de Juan and they always receive compliments anywhere I go!