Atelier De Candela

I had a family member from Spain send Leyla a dress as a gift. It is your typical "Sunday best" dress. The brand is Atelier de Candela which is the first time I ever heard of them. I couldn't find much info on them and their website is down but they do have a Facebook page. From the pictures on their Facebook, it seems to be a very classic brand that leans towards bright printed fabrics. The one Leyla is wearing today seems extremely well made but the sizing is small. The dress she received is a 3t and it fits a bit tight on her back. I like the bright floral print of the skirt which is subdued by the plain white bodice with thin pink/green stitching. I think a pair of green mary janes would have looked super cute with this dress but I had to make do with what Leyla has so I paired the dress with pale pink Bloch flats. So what do you guys think? Does anyone have anything from this brand?