Meet Squeezy!

Yesterday I walked into a Walgreens to pick up some stuff and Leyla found a $2 rubber lizard that she had to have. So we get home and she decides to name it Squeezy because it is made of soft rubber. I love the fact that at the tender age of 2 anything can make her happy. Any little toy can be a adventure in her head. As a first time parent, I wonder exactly when that will end and she will start asking for specific expensive toys haha! But in the meantime, I am enjoying watching her imagination come alive.

Today she is wearing a dress from Neck and Neck that comes with matching bloomers and it is currently on sale for $27 compared to original price of $65. Her sandals are by Manuela de Juan and they are on sale at Merry Love Joy. They are stunning in person and I love the design. I wish they had an adult version!

So here is Leyla's new buddy, Squeezy! Oh and nails by grandma!