Traditional Spanish Knitted Sets

When the official photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte were revealed, it brought back memories of Leyla as a newborn. Especially seeing Princess Charlotte wearing a traditional Spanish knitted set. Knitted clothing is very popular in Spain and range from sets, coats, bonnets, blankets and undergarments such as bloomers and tanks. It's consider traditional classic newborn baby wear and make for simple but yet beautiful gifts. They come in a range of colors, such as baby blue, pink, ivory, white, gray and yellow. They are made in different degrees of thickness and are usually available up to size 12 months. Most of the big names in children's wear in Spain carry these newborn sets such as Paz Rodriguez, Rochy, FoqueMac IlusionJulianaCreaciones Visi, Carmen Taberner and many more.  When Leyla was born she wore one in yellow that was gifted to her by my mother in law. In Spain, they say it's tradition that the first outfit the baby wears leaving the hospital should be yellow for luck. I can't really find the reason on how that tradition was started but here are some pictures of Leyla when she was born wearing a classic knitted set.

Princess Charlotte in a knitted set.

Princess Charlotte in traditional knitted bonnet and blanket.

Here are some of my favorite sets available at Baby Spain. White, Yellow and Gray make for perfect gender neutral outfits.

Gender specific sets even though the blue would look cute on a girl as well. Available at Baby Spain.

Here are some knitted pieces by Paz Rodriguez available at Childrensalon UK with shipping to the U.S. Saks Fifth Avenue also carries Paz Rodriguez and some pieces are currently on sale!

Happy Euro Shopping.