Kerubins Baby Boutique.

One of the first shops in which I officially bought Spanish children's wear here in the U.S was Kerubins. Before them, I had to either order overseas, look for pieces on ebay or have family members bring me back some outfits whenever they went to Spain. You don't understand how excited I was to find this treasure! Their idea was simple, 2 moms from Spain wanting to show the American market the beauty and craftsmanship of Spanish children's wear. Their customer service is on point and even their packaging is super cute arriving with a lolipop for your little one! So far from their S/S 2015 collection, Leyla has the gorgeous yet simple teal dress by Cocote (pictures below). I was able to interview Kerubins over this past weekend and as a special treat to my readers they are offering a 20% discount to their shop for the entire upcoming week starting today using the code EUROCHICBEBE. 

Happy Euro Shopping.

What do you love about Spanish children's fashion?

There are several things we love about it, but if we have to choose one it would be the design. Spanish manufacturers work really hard to come up with innovative designs without losing a timeless and classic essence, using quality fabrics and materials. The end result is always a special dress yet built for everyday wear, to let kids be kids, but looking pretty!

What do you look for when picking out inventory for your shop?

There are three things we always look for when picking out our collections. First, quality. We want dresses built with not only the best fabrics and materials, but also the best craftsmanship and finishing touches. We can’t forget who is going to end up wearing the dresses, little girls that deserve materials adequate for their delicate skin and that won’t stop playing jumping and running, like they should! Second, design. Even though we love the Spanish style we need to find styles that our customers will love, pieces that are Spanish but can work in the US for American mommies and little girls. Third is price. Quality is always expensive, so we try to look for manufacturers with a good value for money.

What has been the general feedback so far from your customers about Spanish children's wear?

We have found most customers follow the same process when they find us. First they are impressed with how different the dresses are from what they usually find here in the US, then they buy when there’s a special occasion coming such as birthdays, weddings or holidays. Then they realize the dresses are built to last and easy to take care, mostly are machine washable, and buy again not only for special occasions but also for everyday. Any day it’s a good day to look pretty! So once again design and quality it’s what customers appreciate the most and what we strive for!

What is your favorite brand and why?

In the past 3 years we’ve carried several brands and while none of them have really disappointed us we have found that Jose Varon and Cocote (made by the same company) are the two brands that fit Kerubins style and essence the most. Their design team is outstanding, they look for inspiration in runaways to keep with the seasonal trends, but also keep an eye on the streets, on real moms and how they dress their little ones and what they like. They have a southern flare we adore!Plus, they use exclusive fabrics you won’t find in any other manufacturer’s designs and their finishing touches are exquisite.

Any advice for parents when to comes to children's wear?

Dress your little ones like little ones while you can! You’ll blink and they’ll be too big for bonnets, and bloomers, and knee high socks. Soon enough they’ll be telling you what they want to wear!

Leyla is wearing teal dress available at Kerubins by Cocote, espadrilles by Deosu and hairbow by Lazitos.