Happy Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day! I hope everyone had a wonderful day with their loved ones. This morning Leyla gave her dad a huge hug and for the first time wished him a Happy Father's Day. It brought tears to his eyes to hear those words. Sometimes this simplest things can make someone so happy and those words were enough to make my husband's day.

Leyla's outfit today is by Mayoral Kids that I purchased two years ago in Spain. It finally fit this year because Mayoral runs more on the bigger side. Mayoral is Spanish clothing retailer chain with stores all over Spain, United Kingdom, Greece, Turkey and Portugal to name a few. It first started as a socks and tights company in 1941 eventually expanding into children's fashion that ranges from newborn to junior sizes. As of today, Mayoral can be found in some boutiques here in New York or online retailers. Currently, the online retailer Alex and Alexa is having a sale on Mayoral's current season with free shipping on orders over $99!

Leyla's dress today was a simple polka dot shift dress. It matched perfectly with her Zara Baby sandals that are currently on sale for $19.99! The quality and craftsmanship of the dress and all other pieces I ever purchased from Mayoral exceeds my expectations when it comes to chain retailers. As a final touch she wore her little pearl bracelet by TOUS.

Happy Euro Shopping.