Sweet Baby Scents

Who doesn't love the scent of baby colognes? For the most part they are sweet, delicate scents that I don't mind using on myself on occasion. The first time I ever bought baby cologne was about 8 years ago for my nephew. I had bought him a bottle of Burberry Baby Touch. It is the perfect blend of verbena, mandarin, vanilla and orange with a hint of spearmint and rhubarb jelly. It is also alcohol free which is great for delicate baby skin. When I was pregnant with Leyla, I came across TOUS Baby Eau de Cologne at a duty free shop. That was the first cologne I bought her and it's top notes are mandarin, orange, neroli and bergamot. I loved spraying it on her brush when I combed her hair so that whenever I had her on my lap I could just smell the sweetness. However, one of my favorite classic baby scents is from Spain and it is called Nenuco. Nenuco is more of a splash cologne with a very fresh clean scent. It is the most popular baby cologne in Spain and can be used by the whole family! It comes in a pretty big plastic bottle so I always pour some into a small sprayer bottle which makes it easier to apply. I use to ask family members to bring me back a bottle of Nenuco but now it is easily available here in the U.S.  Another scent that I use on Leyla is pure lavender oil. I love to buy lavender essential oils because it such a soothing nighttime scent and I have made it a ritual to put some on her wrists and temples right before bedtime since she was a newborn. She loves it so much that she will remind me if I forget to do so!  So what is your favorite baby scent? List your favorite in the comments!

I compiled a list of some great baby scents. 

1. Burberry Baby Touch available on Amazon. Unisex.

2. Tous Baby Eau de Cologne also available on Amazon. Unisex.

3. Musti Baby Cologne by Mustella which is also available on Amazon is fruity/floral scent that is also alcohol free. Unisex.

4. Zara Kids Cologne available at any Zara Kids store. I have this for Leyla and it's a light delicate scent which suits both girls and boys for $16!

5. Petits Et Mamans By Bvlgari is also a alcohol free scent who's top note is chamomile with a hint of baby powder. Available on Amazon. Unisex.

6. Love, Chic Baby. Available in girl or boy scent.

7. Petit Tresors Baby is alcohol free and combines orange, bergamot with jasmine, musk and moss. Unisex.

8. Jacadi Baby Cologne comes in both boy and girl alcohol free scents and are available on Amazon.

9. Tartine et Chocolate by Givenchy combines orange, lemon, honeysuckle, jasmine, amber and musk and is available on Amazon.

10. Nenuco baby splash. Available on Amazon.

Happy Euro Shopping.