Brighten up the day.

Today seemed like a winter day in New York. It was raining, cold and dark. Not much to do on days like this except stay home and relax. I did not have to go to work today so I figured I would take the opportunity to try some new outfits on Leyla. I wanted something colorful to brighten up the day and decided on some recent pieces I just purchased at Zara Kids S/S 2015. I based the outfit around the shorts because they are a beautiful floral print composed of blues, greens, pinks and orange. Definately eye catching. I had this top from Zara Baby A/W 2014 collection that matched perfectly. It's a white long sleeve cotton tee with a bow on the upper right of the collar. Since it was cold outside, Leyla used a cardigan in aqua blue from Zara Kids S/S 2015. To add more color, I had a pair of openwork Condor tights in pistachio green that went perfectly with the entire outfit. Baby Spain doesn't carry the pistachio green but they do have white and baby blue and that would have matched as well. Cream patent mary janes finished off the outfit and let's not forget that a bow is a must! Never be afraid to mix colors.

Happy Euro Shopping.