Liberty Prints

Some of my favorite dresses and outfits are made with Liberty inspired print. Liberty print is a term used to describe a type of fabric design made popular by Liberty of London. So what exactly is Liberty print? It is a fabric composed of small, usually floral patterns, inspired by the brand Liberty of London. Liberty of London is a department store in London that caters to fashion with it's eclectic design.  It open its doors in 1875 and originally sold fabrics, ornaments and artwork from Japan and the east. As time progressed, the owner, Arthur Liberty, formed relationships with many English designers which drew inspiration from "Art Nouveau" as evident in his fabrics which is how the Liberty prints came to be. Today we see a lot of designers use Liberty style fabrics on classic children's wear. Here are a few.

Leyla in a Liberty style dress.

Elephantito is a brand that uses Liberty print in a lot in their designs. Here are a few of my favorites from their S/S 2015 line.

Kerubins currently has these two Rochy dresses on sale with Liberty print.

Jacadi S/S 2015 Liberty print dresses.

Neck and Neck S/S 2015.

Even GAP has some Liberty inspired pieces for S/S 2015.

Happy Euro Shopping.