Rochy "Pajaritos" Dress

Since my last blog was on Rochy, I figured this blog should showcase one of the new dresses from S/S 2015. I decided today was a perfect day for Leyla to wear her "Pajaritos" dress since its about 80 degrees in New York. This dress is one of my favorites from the new collection. Its light weight which is great for hot days and the combination of pale pinks, light grays with the bird print is reminiscent of summertime. I decided to pair the dress with white leather with silver trim sandals that I purchased in Spain by the brand Crios. I love sandals that have a velcro closure like these do and they don't look chunky like other velcro closures. I side swepted her hair into a ponytail and added a small ivory bow. As mention in my last blog, this dress is available at Baby Spain and Ninos Y Ninas UK has a different version as well.