My Nephews First Communion

Yesterday was my nephew's Gabriel first communion and boy did he look handsome! He was sporting a communion suit from Spain. At first you may look at him and think he looks like a mini marine but in Spain it's tradition for the boys to dress this way.  It still unknown why, some say it's because Jesus went out to fish in a boat and brought a abundance of fish, others say it is a initiation of new beginnings; the boy is starting his new sail to get closer to Jesus. However, the catholic church in Spain says there is no connection except for the use of the color white which means purity and innocence. Since these outfits became a big hit starting in the 1950s Spain, some say it was a way to pay homage to the military and General Franco. Another reason why marine themed suits might have became a tradition starting in the 1950s is because the catholic church of Spain asked of parents to dress their sons in simple white outfits and at the time the sailor suit was the most affordable and it was white! You can research this topic till no end but I will say my nephew looked so grown up! Time flies! Congrats Gabi!

Suit by Tizzas, Shoes by Pablosky

Here are some pictures, some of them were quick snaps so not might be to clear.

My other nephews, Adrian and Leo also went dressed in typical occasion wear for boys in Spain which consist of a button down shirt, shorts, knee highs and loafers. To cute for words.

Adrian: Entire outfit by Neck and Neck. Shirt, Shorts, & Socks. Shoes: Pablosky                                

Leo: Entire outfit by Neck and Neck. Shirt, Shorts & Socks. Shoes: Pablosky