Spring is here

Spring finally decided to show up today! Yesterday seemed like a winter day in NYC getting as low as in the 30s at night. But today the sun is shining and the breeze is just right. So I decided to put on Leyla what in Spain they call a "Jesusito" which is a 2 piece outfit consisting of a tunic/short dress and bloomers. I just recently purchased one from one of my favorite online retailers Baby Spain. It is still a little chilly to wear it but paired with openwork tights and a cropped gray cardigan I think it works out great in this weather. As a final touch I added a gray bow to her hair to match the Pascualas boots which I purchased from La Gavet Moda Infantil.

Jesusito by Jose Varon. Cardigan by Condor. Tights by Condor coming soon to Baby Spain.

Happy Euro Shopping