Nanos and the Spanish Royals

If you ever need to look for inspiration when it comes to children's wear, look no further then at the offspring of royalty. The children of royal families are always on cue when it comes to fashion, whether it is for a royal affair or a family vacation. Case in point, Princess Leonor of Spain and her sister Princess Sofia who were recently photographed wearing the latest from spanish luxury brand Nanos

Here is Princess Leonor wearing a jacket, top, skirt and flats all from Nanos.

Princess Sofia wearing a dress, cropped cardigan and flats from Nanos

Nanos, which means "little ones", caters classic and timeless pieces with on trend designs and embellishments. From the pearl button on Princess Leonor's jacket to the gorgeous embroidery on Princess's Sofia dress, Nanos knows how to fine-tune the details of their designs. As of today, Nanos has expanded stores all over Europe and across the sea to Mexico but has yet to make it's way into the US market. For now, we can purchase some of Nanos pieces through New York based online retailer CarouselNY and through ChildrenSalona UK shop that delivers to the US. 

Some of their S/S 15 looks

My picks for girls from S/S 15

My picks for boys from S/S 15

Happy Euro Shopping!