French Mouse.

One thing I love about Instagram is all the people you meet and all the adorable unique shops you find. I came across this one particular shop called French Mouse. Sol, the owner and designer of French Mouse, focuses mainly on girl pieces ages 2-4 that are handmade in NYC. Their designs remind me of all the cute little dresses I wore when I was little that was given to me by family in Spain. They have a range of fabrics and designs to choose from and the pieces are exceptionally made. So lets get to know French Mouse!

Tell us alittle about yourself.

My name is Sol. I was born in Paris and grew up in Marrakech, Morocco where I was surrounded by beautiful fabrics. After studying medicine in France, I was fortunate enough to come to the US to be a pediatric anesthesiologist where I get to help kids my way. I met a wonderful man, my husband, and I have been here for quite a while now.

How was French Mouse started? Is there a meaning to the mouse?

I have been wanting to do something more than medicine. I love fashion and children and i have always been fascinated with the power of the internet because it allows you to reach people everywhere. It seemed like a natural progression to create an online business. A chance foray into the industry was all the spark I needed to push myself to start my own brand. By chance, a friend of mine happened to be an excellent seamstress and French Mouse was born. I wanted to create clothes that would be handmade in the US, so it was the perfect situation to start my business. As for the name, I am french and my husband's nickname for me since we met has been mouse so French Mouse was the perfect name. I am French Mouse!

What inspires your collection?

I do not have a collection per se. I just love to create pretty and fun things whenever I get inspired. This probably stems from my time in Morocco where I lived in a world of colors,smells and fabrics. If I see a fabric I like, I immediately think of how I can use it. Because of this, my clothes do not really follow seasons or trends. I would like to think that my clothes can be worn year round, as they can be worn alone or layered.

Do you plan on expanding your line to include more sizes?

I will not make smaller than 2 years old because a lot if companies do baby clothing very well already. But I am thinking of including a next size up soon ( 5 years old ).

Do you have any children? How do they inspire your work?

I have one child , a boy, but it is more fair to say that he is a young man now. He hates when I tell him this but a big reason I have started to make girls clothes is because I only had a boy! He is quite fashionable himself but I never had a daughter I could spoil and talk fashion with so French Mouse is an outlet in that regard.

Any advice you like to give to parents when it comes to children's fashion?

I try not to tell parents what to do as it is such a matter of personal expression. Having said that, i am a big fan of children wearing age appropriate clothing. Childhood should be a wonderful time and there is no need to rush to the next phase of life. My style has always been classic with a twist and I hope that comes through in my clothes. Children clothing can be classic, beautiful and fun but above all it should be playful and children should be happy to wear the pieces.

 This month French Mouse is offering free shipping using code HOLIDAY15 till the end of December. Here are a few of my favorites from French Mouse!!

For today's pictures Leyla is wearing a French Mouse Juliette dress in this beautiful soft corduroy fabric. The print is full of little foxes, rabbits and tiny flowers. It is such a fun print and she loved wearing it. I had a hard time choosing what shoes and tights to pair it with so I took pictures in 2 different style shoes. First few pictures she is wearing Leon Shoes in a nice dark maroon that are available at Nook at 909 (call to inquire) with chocolate knee highs by Condor. Last few pictures she is wearing gray ribbed Condor tights with tall brown Elephantito boots. I am so in love with this dress and I will definitely add more French Mouse to Leyla's closet!